Flatbush Zombies - Vacation in Hell - Review

     I have been wanting to do this for such a long time now that I tried to make it perfect. Then after coming back to it for the 69th time I realized that nothing will ever be perfect.  So here we go as the Zombies take us on an another lyrical journey. We first started traveling with them as they took us through their acid filled astronomical odyssey, and now we dive into the deep cuts of the modern underworld.

     I don't know how you make glitter stick to a woman's titty so well, but the trio reigning from Flatbush, New York achieved it on their latest sparkling masterpiece, Vacation in Hell. The Zombies switched it up from their last cartoon depicted cover by simplifying themselves while still illustrating each member's personality between two sparkling goddesses. Analyzing the cover, we start with Erick the Architect staring down the viewer and reinforcing his dominant but mysterious presence as the brains behind the undead soulful beats. A month before this release, he dropped his own personal project titled Arcstrumentals, Vol. 2 which showcased his creative storytelling. My favorite rhythm 'the Arc' whipped together like a nice creamy soulful pot of clam chowder is the song The Goddess ft. Dave B.  His use of piano riffs and guitar licks brings so much smooth and emotional heat. Moving to the left on the cover, we see Zombie Juice centered wearing the coolest clout goggles ever. He seems to have the greatest presence of the Zombies on this album, with his verses squished perfectly in between his childhood friends and his recurring leadoffs. My favorite of his is when he chimes in on the song Crown.  Before the chorus kicks in by Portugal, the Man, he rambles off the bridge:

    "Real music's still winnin', fake niggas don't get on
    Just a message to myself, mirror, mirror, on the wall."

He has such a fun delivery and always relays a passionate deeper message. Last but not least it’s hard to disagree that he is "probably the realest nigga to crawl out a vagina." (Vacation ft. Joey Badass) Juice continues to bring all the members’ voices full circle. I also have to award Meech with “Most Improved” out of the three with this new project. He truly finds his philosophical tone and voices his personal obstacles on the album. He has an ongoing dilemma with people being materialistic and not staying true to themselves. In the song FACTS, he truly defines what rappers convey nowadays and wants you to see the other side of what it’s like to be authentic:

    "Buy Gucci, buy Louis, but you can't buy culture (more facts!)
    Nigga, not my culture, we see them vultures."

     After analyzing each main member one can not go without mentioning the incredible and surprising features on this album. From more of NY's finest we get Joey Badass and A$AP Twelvyy whose harmonious street lingo is perfectly integrated with the rap threesome. Meechy also pays tribute to the man behind the A$AP crew, Steven Rodrigues aka A$AP Yams, in the song YouAreMySunshine.  Meech's eulogy to the legend is one of the most original and respectable I have ever heard. Rarely seeing the tender side of the Flatbush crew, it really ties up the last couple songs on the album. Other features who are underrated like D.I.A. and Denzel Curry, who hasn't dropped his own album since 2016, wrap up the album strongly.

     Overall, this 18 track work of art speaks for itself as one can pick and choose from the vast array of inspiring records to either bang out at a party or make love to their spouse. However, one cannot just listen without watching all the media behind the project. The music videos, skits, instagram posts and short movies all go along perfectly with the group's very successful second studio album. I personally had to take my experience to another level and witness their vision in person by seeing them for the first time at Coachella. If you know me, you know I love to mosh, but this time I decided to refrain and groove in my own personal bubble. Even still, these guys really know how to get a crowd bouncin' and I definitely had a third-eye adventure. Mixing a lot of their new stuff with classics made for an excellent show and I 110% recommend seeing them on their North American Tour, SEE YOU IN HELL.

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"Vacation in Hell" by the Flatbush Zombies

* please watch this to see the purity of the Zombies' minds that put this real-ass music in the people's ears: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KaXMP_McAzo