Tom Misch - Geography Review

    A J Dilla fan turned beatmaker and multi-instrumentalist became the 22 year old bed room recording phenomenon Tom Misch. Starting five years ago with a Soundcloud profile, the young south Londoner bounded from bumping beat tapes to producing beat tapes to slapping bass to recording his own voice. And Geography tests the old soul with a new sound. From headspinning Slum Village snares on Lost in Paris to space bass earworms on Disco Yes, all confirmed by De La Soul's harmonized affirmation on It Runs Through Me, Tom Misch creates a sonic milieu in which his expansive sound can indefinitely stretch. And it does run through him; the piano, vocals, features, and guitars seemingly stream out of his fingertips and into the ear. If his music is the river, Geography is the boat, and Misch is at the helm, performing kickflips over torrential rapids while never missing a beat.

    Not to stay one dimensional, Misch also flexes instrumental cuts like Tick Tock, lays down hypnotizing melodies over Movie, and brings back every moment of nostalgia in Water Baby. In the early spring of his career, this artist grasps his sound and is racing towards summer with every project. The future looks unbelievably bright for an artist bred in murky English weather.

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Andis Solomon is a filmmaker from Portland, OR focused on sustainable abstractionism. He is currently pursuing concurrent degrees at the University of Denver in Film Studies & Production and Marketing.

Editor's note:

Tom Misch was truly amazing to see live at Coachella Festival. His performance balanced laid back with funky as he donned gym shorts and a hoodie with a gorgeous guitar. Rhythm sections broke into grooves, reminiscent of the jam bands of the 70's. A truly ethereal experience, Tom Misch delivered a stunning performance and magical environment.